another private commission work..


This is the 2nd attempt on building gundam model kits..

My very first Gundam model kits...

I built this kit in conjunction with the YZR '00 no.7, which I have posted in previous..

This kit was finished maybe 2 years ago....
thankfully I managed to saved some pics of them...
The Marlboro decal was additional decal..

Another RGV, actually I had several times made this kit, which this time is a private commission work, i've added some 0.7 and 0.9mm , and clear tube detail wires..

My very first attempt on building full carbonized tamiya motogp bike using the super detail up set from topstudio..
After months of progress, finally I managed to finished this M1 '07 test bike..
at the moment, you can preview the build progress Here

This is my first experience dealing with Bandai robots (Besides Gundam), no modification made, only paint and snap them..

Overall, I love to see this kit finished with glossy armor.

I've been 3 times dealing with the M1 Gauloises '05, and this is the third kit....
all of them are commissioned works.
No wonder why they want to customized the Gooo!!! version into Gauloises Ver.......
It's Rock, indeed !!!


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