Recently finished kit...
building this kit, take me back to old memories..when I was first to build moto gp kit...
It was a horrible, because at that moment I only use a brush to paint the whole parts.

Another finished private commission work..
Only an out of box build, no details added.

I've build this kit is using the Tamiya front fork set m1 '04, some detail wires, and lots of carbon decal...
look for the wip's of this kit on the wip's menu or klick Here

snap fitted and seamlines removed..
I'm going to make the progress in the wip menu.

Finished Private commission work.
Just want to take pictures before I send them to clients..

Another commissioned work from a client
After all this time I could only look through their website, finally I can feel it in my hand..
They produce so many various motogp model, and yes,..they are seriously detailed.
both resin and the decals are superb...
Since you already know, I will combine this with the Tamiya 1:12 ducati gp4

here are the previews,

about 2 months ago, a friend of mine ask me to repair his "quite rare" engine model kit, which is made by Pocher..
This is my first experience building a 1/8 scale engine model kit...
It is 90% finished, I only need to carbonized 2 parts of this kit and it will be done.


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